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What To Wear When Playing Pickleball

Table of Contents

Pickleball, a paddle sport enjoying exceptional popularity in the United States and globally, has captivated enthusiasts with its unique blend of tennis, badminton, and ping pong. As the court becomes a place of strategy and challenge, prompting dynamic movements, efficient play requires more than aptitude. This is where pickleball fashion comes in. Today, we present you with a guide on how to dress for the pickleball court, striking the perfect balance between style and functionality.  

Whether you’re new to the sport, an established player, or anything in between, stepping onto the pickleball court for the first time, the significance of your attire cannot be overstated. Pickleball is enjoyed across all genders and ages unanimously. Therefore, this guide will cater to a holistic audience spanning diverse target populations to enhance their pickleball fashion game.

Why Pickleball Attire Matters

Pickleball initially originated in the 1960s as a family backyard entertainment before soon making its way to political fundraisers and garden parties. Historically, the sport has been a social activity, something light to mingle with different people, keeping people of all ages occupied with mild exertion. For such a sport, demonstrating your style has become just as important as your skill on the court.

 pickleball outfit
Your pickleball outfit impacts your confidence and performance on the court.

An outfit you feel good in can positively impact your day job performance. Similarly, your style affects your comfort, movement, capabilities, and mood on the court. Your overall enjoyment may also depend on how you’ve styled yourself. It is imperative, then, that you choose garments made of light and breathable fabric to assist movement.

Join us on this style journey as we look into how to dress for pickleball, providing practical tips and fashion-forward insights tailored for beginners and seasoned players.

What Is A Pickleball Dress?

Now that we’ve established that athletic wear is more than just athletic apparel, we will discuss how they are crafted with breathable fabrics and tailored for ease of movement. A pickleball dress, analogous to a tennis dress, offers a perfect fusion of comfort and flair but is also a statement of style and functionality designed explicitly for the dynamic demands of the pickleball court.

Whether you’re an advanced player or just discovering the joy of pickleball, investing in a quality dress ensures you look the part and perform at your best.

What Is A Pickleball Dress Called?

There is no specific industry term for the pickleball dress, mainly because nothing of the sort exists. You can wear any athletic one-piece garment with a skirt bottom that stands out because of its sporty yet fashionable design. But remember that the aim is to create a garment that allows players to move effortlessly while exuding style and confidence on the court. The movements in pickleball while maneuvering the court demand an outfit that lets the limbs run freely and keeps the player from getting too hot.

The Pickleball Dress

The proper attire can significantly impact a player’s performance. Comfort is a non-negotiable, and many players opt for moisture-wicking fabrics that help manage sweat and keep them dry during intense matches. Breathable materials, such as polyester blends or specialized sports fabrics, are popular choices for pickleball dresses. Additionally, strategic ventilation panels or mesh inserts may be incorporated to enhance breathability and airflow, further contributing to player comfort during intense matches.

Pickleball is known for its fast-paced nature, requiring players to move quickly and make rapid changes in direction. These fabrics provide comfort and freedom of movement to execute swift motions and agile footwork.

The design of pickleball outfits enables or enhances their functionality, reflecting the sport’s energetic and vibrant nature. Bright and bold hues add a touch of flair and drama to the court. Some players prefer pickleball dresses with built-in shorts, popularly known as skorts. This offers them coverage with convenience as they maneuver the court in dynamic movements.  Players also often add pockets to store items like pickleball balls for convenience.

While there isn’t an official pickleball dress in the fashion world, the concept is a nod to the evolving fashion trends within the sport. Pickleball enthusiasts often express their style through comfortable and chic outfits tailored for the court. For women, a popular choice is a tennis-style dress or a combination of moisture-wicking tops and pleated skirts, providing a blend of functionality and fashion. Let’s expand upon this a bit.

women posing in pickleball outfits
Pleated skirts offer significant breathability and regulate airflow to keep you cool.

Show Your Stripes

Stripes aren’t limited to age or gender. Everyone can sport them and add their unique touch to them

Stripes have a timeless appeal that blends fashion with athleticism. Their power lies in their bold simplicity. Whether adorning shirts, shorts, skirts, or dresses, stripes in pickleball outfits create a sense of movement and energy, mirroring the fast-paced nature of sports. There is almost a rhythm to the repetitive parallel lines that are visually striking and promise an adrenaline-filled performance.

Stripes also inspire confidence among players looking leaner, which psychologically causes them to perform better. In multiplayer sports, it’s easy to spot players through their stripes. Moreover, contrasting or reflective stripes can enhance visibility, especially in outdoor settings or under varying lighting conditions. This feature becomes crucial in fast-paced games where players must react quickly to the ball’s movement.

The color palette of the stripes also plays a significant role in the pickleball outfit. Vibrant and bold hues can inject energy into the outfit, contributing to a positive mindset and an enthusiastic approach to the game. Alternatively, more subdued tones may convey a sense of sophistication while still embracing the sport’s dynamic spirit.

Pickleball Pleated Skirts

For those who love a good skirt moment, pleated skirts are airy, fashionable, and efficient.

Short pleated skirts have a touch of timeless elegance and playfulness that can bring life and entertainment to the pickleball court. On top of that, the pleated texture adds volume to the skirt width, which makes it airy and aids movement. When styling these skirts in your pickleball outfit, pair them wisely with moisture-wicking and mesh tops for a balanced and comfortable look. Nothing looks fresher than a white pleated shirt, but you can create something equally fun with other bright colors.

Tucking in your top enhances the waistline, emphasizing the skirt’s silhouette. For a modern twist, experiment with patterned pleats or contrasting colors. Complement the look with sleek tennis or pickleball shoes designed for agility on the court.

women capturing in pickleball outfits
Mosture-wicking synthetic fibers are ideal fabrics for hot and humid climates.

Accessorize with a visor or a stylish headband for a sporty-chic flair. The versatility of short pleated skirts allows you to transition seamlessly from the court to casual outings, making them a must-have in your athletic and everyday wardrobe.

How To Dress For Pickleball

Pickleball is an amalgamation of other paddle/racquet sports, such as tennis, badminton, and ping pong, and is about mastering the game and showcasing your unique style on the court. How you dress, whether you’re an expert player or a novice, significantly impacts your performance. Here’s our comprehensive take on how to dress for pickleball to ensure style and functionality simultaneously.

Pickleball Dress Code

Pickleball is an inclusive sport, bringing people of all ages and genders on the court in a fun and competitive environment. There is no strict pickleball dress code to adhere to per se. However, clubs may enforce some regulations as a policy for their courts.

In competition, it is best to adhere to USA Pickleball’s rule of not matching your outfit with the ball’s color (since pickleball requires serving below the waistline level, the ball must be perfectly distinguishable from the apparel).

Beyond that, you can experiment with your pickleball outfit however you deem fit.

What To Look For in Pickleball Clothing

Unlike tennis, there are no hard and fast rules to determine what pickleball attire should look like. You have ample freedom to decide your court site look. However, you can make a few intelligent design and material choices that are advantageous during a long and challenging game.

We always say to prepare for the worst when choosing an outfit. Hence, our most important rule is to picture yourself in the worst possible game you can play and think about how your outfit hinders your performance. Then, next time, choose everything opposite to it for your court site style.


A breathable fabric allows efficient airflow through it to keep the body cool. It is a crucial factor in selecting your pickleball outfit works for easy and vigorous games, and in hot and cloudy weather. Cotton is ideally used to synthesize athletic wear.

Breathable apparel is not just functional; it keeps players comfortable and focused on the game. Mesh shirts, well-ventilated jackets, cotton shorts, and skirts allow good airflow. Prioritize breathability in your pickleball wardrobe to ensure you’re ready to tackle the heat of the competition while staying comfortably calm and collected.


Moisture-wicking technology is an innovative invention that actively pulls sweat away from the body, instantly transferring it to the fabric’s surface for rapid evaporation. The result is a playing experience that remains refreshingly dry and comfortable, even during the most spirited matches.

Swift movements and intense rallies are expected in pickleball. Despite being a mild exertion sport, it gets the cardiovascular circulation going fast (i.e., your body generates a lot of heat).  Moisture-wicking clothing in sports is a game-changer for sportspeople.

Pickleball dresses synthesized from moisture-wicking materials help regulate player’s body temperature by allowing for better ventilation and quick evaporation, leaving the body feeling relaxed and comfortable.

Synthetic fabrics like polyester and nylon have good moisture-wicking abilities. (A sustainable alternative to polyester is ethically sourced bamboo. Several athletic and athleisure brands in the market are producing high-quality apparel from sustainable materials.)

Stretchy Fabric

Choosing stretchy fabric in your attire can significantly impact your performance on the court. Opting for pickleball outfits crafted from elastic and stretchy materials ensures a full range of motion, allowing players to move freely without any constraints. The elasticity in the fabric accommodates dynamic movements for players to showcase their agility and help them maneuver around the court.

The stretchy fabric also comfortably accommodates a player’s body, helping them attain a sleek appearance. It also helps them avoid getting their clothes in the way of their hits. Ideally, you look for shirts, skirts, and shorts with stretchy material. Most athletic wear today will be made of stretchy material; you have to choose one that lasts long and has added benefits to be worth its price.

Preparing for Weather

Preparing for variable weather conditions is a strategic aspect of optimizing how you dress for pickleball. Intuitively, you would want something light for sunny days and layers on cool days. The adaptability of your apparel through some accessories can creatively help you create a pickleball wardrobe that is functional and stylish at the same time.

You may opt for bright colors for summer sessions with cotton jerseys and lightweight polos with moisture-wicking material. To keep you warm, you can switch to dark and dull tones in layers for autumn matches. Choosing layers that can be easily shed in case you get too worked up is ideal. Dressing synthetic fibers may help you deal with moisture if there is a rain forecast.

Nailing the court site fashion is all about adaptability, exuding confidence in personal style (including your game strategy and fashion sense), and having fun. There is no wrong way to do pickleball outfits. Your comfort and confidence should be your top priority.

Indoor Pickleball

Your attire for indoor pickleball doesn’t have to be drastically different from outdoor pickleball, except maybe you’ll lose the visor or any sun-shielding headpiece from the head.

The choice of clothes primarily depends on the area’s climate and the court’s construction. A warm and humid environment will need excessive ventilation, and you’ll be better off wearing synthetic polyester with moisture-wicking properties.

If the indoor pickleball court has proper ventilation or air conditioning, your outfit will have fewer fabric type restrictions than outdoor pickleball.

Similarly, you can wear full-sleeved shirts underneath a light jacket in a colder climate with no heating system installed in the court. When it’s time to play, you can shed the jacket and let your cardio heat you.


There is no official rulebook dictating a pickleball dress code. The only regulation USA Pickleball sets for competing players is that their apparel’s color is distinguishable from the ball’s color.

A pickleball dress is not an entity in fashion like a tennis dress. However, you can wear a sporty dress on the pickleball court as long as it is comfortable. You must also ensure that it doesn’t hinder your movement and performance.

Your apparel choice, clothes, footwear, and accessories on the pickleball court are essential to your personality as an athlete. Pickleball fashion incorporates all these aspects of your identity as a player.

pickleball paddle and ball
The only rule for pickleball dress code set by USA Pickleball is that your outfit should not blend in with the color of the ball.

If you’re competing in the USA Pickleball Championships, wearing yellow is not recommended, as the color may coincide with the ball’s color. You can wear the color to practice matches and clubs.

Yes. General rules for tennis fashion to keep players comfortable also apply to pickleball.

Pickleball Court: A Fashion Story

The pickleball court is an eventful place for athletes and viewers alike. It allows athletes to showcase their physical and mental prowess and give the audience the thrill of watching an entertaining game unfold. However, that’s not all.

As a social game, pickleball also helps indulges in helping players put their best foot forward on the court when it comes to fashion. The pickleball outfit choices span everything from mesh tops and breathable polos to pleated skirts and athleisure dresses.

What is your go-to pickleball court look?

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