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Pickleball can create the most eccentric groups when people come together through its shared passion. Join a lively community of thousands of pickleball enthusiasts in knowledge, growth, and entertainment. Witness how the sport engages its indulgers in physical and mental challenges to become better versions of themselves. Grab a paddle and get started!

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We bring you the latest updates in the professional pickleball competing world and how recent regulations and technology impact the ever-evolving sport. This is your one-stop source for all relevant news related to Pickleball. Watch out for updates on new locations and of court sites so you can practice anywhere.

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Our staff regularly tests pickleball paddles and balls to bring you non-exhaustive lists of equipment ideal for various situations and gameplays. Find out how you can maximize your potential on the court through our top-rated content.

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With so many paddle and ball manufacturers launching products in the market, it is hard to recognize what will work for you. Read our comprehensive brand reviews to narrow down on products that fit your gameplay and style.


Best Pickleball Paddle in 2024

Read our RoundUp reviews on the best type of pickleball paddles for every skill level, gameplay, and strategy. Choose a paddle that compliments your strategy and highlights your strengths. From paddles offering power, control, and spin advantages to those with your material of choice, we have something for every pickleball player here.

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Our community is built on a growth mindset, and we constantly encourage our readers to become better than they were yesterday. Find helpful tips and guides to improve your performance.

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There are over 10,000 court sites in America, and the number only goes up annually. We encourage you to find a pickleball court near you and get acquainted with the community.


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