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What To Wear to Play Pickleball

what to wear to play pickleball
Table of Contents

Pickleball has gained widespread popularity across diverse age groups, attracting participants from children to seniors who eagerly take to the court. It’s a vibrant scene with individuals displaying agility, flexibility, and diverse playing techniques. For such an eventful place, the proper attire is essential, capable of enhancing your mood and improving overall performance on the court.

Finding the middle ground between comfort, style, and functionality is crucial when selecting your pickleball apparel. As you prepare for the upcoming court session, consider the specific demands of the game. Today, we will discuss what to wear to play pickleball. Our dedicated staff has carefully selected and personally tested a range of fashion items, identifying those that offer both style and practicality. What are you waiting for? Let’s get you geared up to dominate the court.

Pickleball Outfits

Choosing the proper pickleball attire is crucial for a comfortable and stylish gameplay experience. You can’t go wrong with lightweight and breathable fabrics for paddle sports. All the navigating and maneuvering on the court gets your cardiovascular system working hard, which heats your body. Light and airy fabric regulate your body temperature, while moisture-wicking technology prevents sweat from interfering with your game.

Pickleball outfits that consider the game’s dynamics provide optimal comfort and enhance performance. Additionally, keeping track of weather forecasts and dressing accordingly ensures you’re well-prepared for circumstances beyond your control.

How To Choose Pickleball Clothing

Selecting proper pickleball clothing is a crucial aspect that enhances both comfort and style on the court. From fabric choices that keep you cool during intense matches to layering options on cooler days, the perfect pickleball attire ensures you’re ready for action.

Let’s consider how to select an appropriate outfit and elevate your pickleball experience by making informed and stylish clothing choices.

Fabric Selection

We’ve established that your attire impacts your mood and performance. Choosing breathable fabrics, such as organic cotton or moisture-wicking polyester and nylon synthetics, helps draw heat and moisture away from the body, keeping players cool and focused on their gameplay.

It would be best if you also went for pickleball clothing items that use elastic fabrics that stretch to accommodate the contours of your body and give you a lean look. They help you psychologically by making you feel prepared.

Flexibility and Range of Motion

An athlete’s flexibility and freedom of movement are primary factors that impact their performance and entertainment. Pickleball challenges your body and mind. Apart from mental strategies to cleverly put your opponent at a disadvantage, the sport also requires you to be swift and agile in movement. You must quickly pivot, sprint, and reach across the court to maintain an advantageous position.

As a result, the more movement your pickleball outfit allows, the better it is. Stretchy materials allow a full range of motion. Similarly, items with mesh panels installed allow freedom of movement while also improving the thermodynamics of the garment.

Layering for Cold Weather

If you play pickleball regularly, you know the show must go on regardless of the weather. Always pack a light jacket with your gear to stay prepared for chilly weather. A light coat allows you to keep warm without interfering with the game. The ability to adjust layers ensures you stay comfortable throughout the game, seamlessly adapting to changing weather conditions.

Add an insulating layer to your pickleball outfit for warmth and a weather-breaking fabric to protect against wind or light rain. Ensure the jacket has a moisture-wicking layer to ward off the water on rainy days. While most matches are delayed or canceled during rain, unexpected light pours don’t stop the game.

Sun Protection

Sun protection is essential when playing outdoor pickleball. Invest in fashion items with an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) value of at least 50. They block about 98% of the sun’s rays from reaching your body. If you live in a tropical zone, sport a pickleball outfit with long sleeves and pants.

Don’t forget about your face and neck. If sunglasses meddle with your game, invest in caps and visors to protect your eyes. And needless to say, use SPF. Prioritizing sun protection prevents sunburn and contributes to long-term skin health. Enjoying pickleball under the sun becomes more enjoyable when you’re well protected from its rays.

Pickleball Outfits for Ladies

Outfits for fem athletes should prioritize comfort, breathability, and freedom of movement. Since the game involves lateral and diagonal movements, choosing a suitable garment that doesn’t compromise coverage or convenience is crucial.

Investing in the best pickleball clothes in the market can significantly impact your overall experience. These items don’t have to be the priceiest to be the best. They have to serve the intended purpose of comfort and performance while being long-lasting. Whether you prefer dresses, polos, or skirts, selecting the right outfit can enhance your performance and make you stand out on the court.

Best Pickleball Clothes

These products combine style and functionality, ensuring you look good and perform at your best. Let’s explore the top picks for pickleball clothing, from dresses that offer flexibility to cotton polos that provide comfort during heated matches.

Pickleball Dresses

For female players, pickleball dresses are a stylish and practical option. Pickleball dresses, though not a distinct category on their own, encompass a range of athletic one-piece dresses with or without attached shorts designed for optimum performance on the court.

These dresses blend style and functionality perfectly, ensuring players move quickly during fast-paced rallies. These pickleball outfits for the ladies provide the perfect convenience to coverage ratio.

Lacoste x Bandier’s All-Motion Colorblock Dress

The Lacoste x Bandier’s All-Motion Colorblock Dress is an excellent example of a versatile pickleball dress. Its poppy color and long length make for an eye-catching and comfortable outfit. The dress has a built-in bra providing support during vigorous movements while remaining a convenient piece of athleisure apparel. It’s 30% off currently if you buy it from the website, which offers free shipping and an installment plan.

Wilson’s Unmatched Tennis Dress

Wilson’s Unmatched Tennis Dress ticks all the boxes of an ideal pickleball outfit. It is stretchy and adds to your range of motion with its decent slit. The dress ends mid-thigh and has a racerback style with net-like holes in the back that keep you cool throughout your serve. Wilson’s quick-drying products are known to spread out moisture on the garment’s surface for quicker evaporation. This dress is sure to keep you cool and dry throughout the match.

Buy the dress in a bundle with shorts for only $93.16 right now!

Outdoor Voice’s Double Time Minidress

Outdoor Voice’s Double Time Minidress packs a few surprises in its design. It has a flowy skirt with built-in shorts that offer convenience and protection. The dress is an ideal piece of pickleball clothing, allowing women to move laterally around the court without any concerns.

To top it all off, the dress also has several hidden pockets! You can use them to store essential one and off the court. Given its unique design, its use is not restricted to a pickleball court. You can quickly wear it to brunch with the girls.

Tennis Y-Dress by Adidas

The Tennis Y-Dress by Adidas is made for maximum range of motion and comfort. The Y-shaped straps give you freedom to employ maximum movement of your arms. Its slim-fit design radiates confidence and potential with a padded (removable) bra attached for support. The mesh panel at the back allows for sufficient air to enable quick evaporation, leaving you cool and dry for your athletic endeavors.

Tanks Tops and Polos

Tank tops and polos are timeless pickleball fashion staples that suggest fun and even old money while making for airy and breathable tops. The following shirts exemplify a fusion of style and functionality in polos for those who seek a polished look without compromising performance during spirited pickleball games.

Lacoste’s Slim Fit Ribbed Cotton Polo Shirt

Lacoste’s Slim Fit Ribbed Cotton Polo Shirt is an athleisure enthusiast’s dream come true. Its stretchy ribbed cotton delicately hugs your curves, offering an ultra-slim chic and comfortable fit. We love this polo because of its feminine allure that brings a refreshing look to the court. Made of stretchy cotton, it combines style, comfort, and flexibility seamlessly.

This polo shirt is an ideal pickleball fashion item featuring a ribbed buttoned collar and a flat chest pocket.

SuperForm™ Rib High Neck Tank

SuperForm™ Rib High Neck Tank is a studio-ready essential that offers ample comfort and aesthetic value. It features a built-in light-support shelf bra perfect for mild exertion activities like pickleball.

The tank top is knitted, boasting a ribbed exterior, allowing efficient airflow with commendable moisture-wicking properties.

For dynamic movement, this tank is your go-to choice for staying calm and stylish on the pickleball court, seamlessly blending style with performance.

Everlux Asymmetrical Tennis Tank Top

Lululemon’s Everlux Asymmetrical Tennis Tank Top is a statement piece on the court. Its asymmetrical straps add a playful look to your pickleball outfit, no matter how formal your bottoms look. The design features a built-in bra with removable cups, offering you a choice.

The tank top features stretchy and malleable Lycra® fiber, making your investment worth it. The design also contains pockets for casual use. Pair it with flowy skirts or track pants for a complete and stylish look.

Velocity Wordmark Jacquard Tank

Under Armour’s Velocity Wordmark Jacquard Tank was one of the last pieces our staff tried, and they found it to be delightfully good. The fabric is ultra-light, and its fit allows for ample ventilation. The loose and light design provides unrestricted movement, making it an essential piece for players who demand style and functionality.

Make a pickleball outfit with this tank top and witness its excellent moisture-wicking properties. We were surprised to find how economical it is given how fast it dries.

Skirts or Skorts

Cotton pleated skirts are a delightful fusion of style and comfort for female pickleball players. Offering a timeless and versatile aesthetic, they are the best pickleball clothing items designed to enhance freedom of movement while maintaining a polished appearance on the court. They have become popular, reflecting the player’s commitment to style and peak pickleball performance.

The NikeCourt Dri-FIT Victor skirt

The NikeCourt Dri-FIT Victor skirt seems like it was crafted for peak performance. The lightweight, stretchy fabric is super comfortable and allows a wide range of movement. The side slit you notice not only adds a playful touch to the skirt but is also helpful in accommodating the body’s intense sprints around the court.  

This pickleball clothing item also wins in our book for using sustainable raw materials. Nike’s sustainable approach transforms plastic bottles into high-quality yarn, delivering performance and eco-friendliness. Now, you can play confidently in comfort while lowering your environmental impact.

Under Armour Flex Woven Skort
Under Armour Flex Woven Skort

Meet your essential workout companion: We do not exaggerate when we say the Under Armour Flex Woven Skort is destined to become your workout companion. Our first impression of the skorts was their surprising water-repellent fabric and back panel, offering optimal breathability as our staff navigated the court.

The skort’s stretchy fabric is complemented by built-in, super-soft knit liner shorts for added coverage and support. With a side drop-in pocket on the liner shorts, this skort is a functional choice for pickleball outfits.

Wilson’s Bowery Court Short

Wilson’s Bowery Court Short is a ’70s-inspired androgynous piece paying an ode to the hippie culture that culminates in a high-performing athletic core item. The textured fabric ensures sufficient ventilation during heated matches, while the waistband secures the fit for maximum ease and comfort. There is also a hidden zip pocket that adds convenience to your otherwise low-storage pickleball outfit.

The elastic material allows delightful freedom of motion, exuberating a vintage charm with contemporary functionality for the modern pickleball player.

Linions Pleated Sports Skirt

The Linions Pleated Sports Skirt is a very classy-looking item, no matter what you pair it with. The double-layer pleats ensure flexibility in leg movements, avoiding discomfort and enhancing your range of motion.

The manufacturers claim the skirt to be ideal for yoga and other mild exertion activities, but we found it equally practical as part of our pickleball outfit. The dress features a wide elastic waistband with an adjustable drawcord for comfortable wear. It’s practical and stylish, with a hidden pocket for personal belongings. What’s not to love?

Coordinated Sets

Coordinated matching sets are redefining sportswear. Many fashion houses and sports merchandisers are creating fashion-forward designs adapted to enhance performance. These sets are also infused with the globally growing interest in athleisure wear: outfits that fit the theme in and out of the field, track, court, etc. Coordinated matching sets blend tops and bottoms seamlessly, ensuring a cohesive and polished look.

From vibrant colors to sleek designs, these sets enhance your on-court confidence and showcase your individuality. Make a statement with pickleball clothing that perfectly combines fashion and function, allowing you to play at your best with unmatched style.

The Napier Fitted Knit Polo is an exquisite athleisure wear made of cotton and viscose. The textured ribbed polo is adorned with red stripes, giving it a sporty and fresh vibe, drawing eyes on and off the court. To create a perfect pickleball outfit that embodies style and comfort elegantly, pair the polo with the Rivera Skort.

The Rivera Skorts fit as well on lunch dates as on the pickleball court. The stretchy waistband and flowy layered skirt freshly interpret the classic pleated skirt. The design allows for more agile movements without compromising on coverage. Pair the Napier polo and these skorts for a classic yet playful look.

Biker shorts came back at the start of this decade after last being popularized by Princess Diana’s street style. The TnaLIFE™ Cheeky Hi-Rise Short is a fun rendition of biker shorts in a slim-fit style. The material is unbelievably soft on the skin and sits so well on the bum. The nylon fabric also powerfully absorbs moisture away from the body.

Create a pickleball outfit from these shorts by pairing them with the TnaBUTTER™ Muscle Tank. The slim fit design of the crewneck tank/crop top ensures your clothes do not interfere with the game while allowing you to use your entire range of motion. The light fabric that hugs your body gives a lean appearance, boosting your confidence and performance on the court.

We cannot recommend the Swiftly Tech Cropped Long-Sleeve shirt enough. The top has everything: recycled moisture-wicking polyester, stretchy and figure-hugging elastane, mesh material and thumbholes to enhance breathability, low weight, and a color range to pick your preference.

Bring your pickleball fashion A-game to the court by pairing the shirt with the Speed Up High-Rise Lined Short, which has convenient back vents to facilitate airflow during vigorous exertion. The nylon causes fast drying and moisture absorption for maximum comfort, while the elastance ensures you are comfortably accommodated.

The shorts also feature covert storage options like the pockets below the waistband and in the back to store away your lucky charms. We rank these shorts as friendliest in coverage and comfort regarding court maneuverability.

The Cyber Tee sports a fun print highlighting your individuality on the court. Sure, sleek designs with monochrome colors carry power, but sometimes, you need a bit of flair and drama in your mood. This is also reflected in your gameplay. You do not just play to win; you also want fun.

The digital print on the Cyber Tee is randomly cut, making each piece unique. The material also showcases impressive moisture-wicking properties while performing a figure-flattering finish.

The Volley Skirt adds balance and sobriety to the loud print of the top. The pleated skirt allows you to maneuver the court dynamically and features ball pockets.

Sports Jacket

You need a jacket or vest layer for chilly days to keep you warm. You may think physical exertion can keep you warm enough if the cold is not intense. However, you must have noticed how we get cold almost immediately after we cool down from cardiovascular activity. The drop in body temperature is due to sweating already taking away much of our body heat.

Layering according to the weather is essential, and a warm jacket or vest should be part of your pickleball clothing items. Play comfortably and efficiently without risking a cold that will hinder you from playing for a few days. Please have a look at the layers we have reviewed below.

Lululemon Define Cropped Jacket Nulu

Lululemon’s Define Cropped Jacket can prepare you for pickleball action on most chilly days. The texture is warm, soft, lightweight, and luxurious to the touch while offering unrestricted movement on the court. While protecting you from wind action, the jacket also has moisture-wicking tech, ensuring you stay dry and comfortable throughout your game.

The design boasts pockets and thumbholes for breathability, while the upturned back vent enhances airflow. From the pickleball court to post-match relaxation, this jacket is your versatile companion, combining style, comfort, and functionality.

Diadora’s L. Packable Vest

Diadora’s L. Packable Vest is a lightweight, foldable vest that protects you against uncertain weather and fierce winds. If we had to rate each product shared here, we would have put it near the top. This pickleball clothing item is made from polyamide, which offers wind-breaking features. The nylon design also makes it water-repellant and a high-performing product during rainy weather.

The vest’s back panels are mesh, making the fabric breathable. The jacket also offers ample storage with its front pockets. If that was not enough, the zipper has a reflective surface which highlights any illumination during the dark. This vest is a must-have for pickleball outfits for ladies who like to stay warm and dry during chilly and rainy matches.

Pickleball Fashion for Men

Outfit choices inspire confidence in men and women equally. Our discussion on pickleball fashion will be incomplete without exploring the clothing essentials for men on the court. Here’s what our staff tried to recommend to the men reading this.

Polo Shirts

Polo shirts have seamlessly transitioned from classic to contemporary, making them a versatile choice for pickleball enthusiasts. The collared design still has its sophistication while striking a balance with performance. Polos perfectly blends style and functionality, allowing men to showcase their passion for the game while maintaining a polished appearance.

The Nike Polo Rafa

The Nike Polo Rafa has proven to be a discerning choice for an extraordinary court experience. The fabric used by Nike is an innovative, sweat-wicking fabric that effortlessly merges performance. In a lemon montage, a hint of orange pays homage to Nike’s original shoebox color and adds warmth to the shirt. Fans of the Rafa bull may want to buy this for the original logo!

Lululemon Evolution Short-Sleeve Polo Shirt

The Evolution Short-Sleeve Polo Shirt Pique is a game-changing addition to your pickleball fashion. The shirt is made with the Silverescent™ technology, which resists the growth of odor bacteria, ensuring maximum comfort and freshness on long days in the court. You may find it especially useful for competitions with back-to-back matches.

It does not end here, though. The polo is a slim-fit design that hugs the body from chest to waist and offers a sleek and modern fit. We are sure it can elevate your mood and boost your confidence.

Mens Core Pique Polo

Men’s Core Pique Polo is a classic choice redefined for pickleball enthusiasts. The polo is made from 100% cotton and exudes comfort and tradition. The multicolor trims around the collar pays is a symbolization of Wimbledon’s decades long tennis legacy.

The shirt has a modern fit, and a creative putting together of a pickleball outfit can bring a fresh perspective to this iconic piece, seamlessly blending tradition with contemporary flair.

Wilson Advantage Zip Polo

Wilson’s Advantage Zip Polo embodies a high-performance design that promises players an advantage on the court. The shirt is made from polyester and is geared to keep you focused on the game with its moisture-absorbing qualities.

The polo sports a zipper at the front where it gets its name. The wounded seams reduce chafing, and the multicolored borders add an informal touch to your style, which helps you get comfortable on the pickleball court.

Tennis Shorts

Pairing well with polo shirts, tennis shorts are a go-to choice for men seeking comfort and style on the pickleball court. Their lightweight and breathable nature make them an ideal bottom-wear option for dynamic play.

Adidas’ Club Tennis Graphic Shorts

Adidas’ Club Tennis Graphic Shorts are cost-effective, worthy investments, and a perfect blend of performance and aesthetics. The shorts sport (😊) flowing graphics that add a flair of the dramatic in your athletic personality. It is a unique design aimed at giving you an eye-catching look.

Of course, it has moisture-wicking features owing to its association with Adidas. However, it also stands out because of its regular fir, stretchy material, and use of intelligent mesh that allows you to move freely around the court. Originally designed for tennis, these shorts can quickly become a part of your pickleball fashion game. 

Dockers® x Malbon Playa Short

You may be thinking, what are cotton shorts doing in the list of pickleball outfit items? We were doubters, too, until we tried it. The Dockers® x Malbon Playa Short is a fusion of streetwear and ‘80s prep for the ultimate classic look.

The shorts are made from cotton and linen, striking the perfect balance between style and comfort for friendly and practice games. The elastic waistband gives you a customized fit further enhanced by a drawstring, making these shorts the ideal choice for pickleball enthusiasts with some business to tend to before or after pickleball.

Pickleball Fashion: A Booming Industry

With the increase in pickleball enthusiasts every year, the number of people changing their lifestyles and consequently consuming media and buying pickleball products increases annually. Therefore, it is no surprise that the pickleball fashion industry has been booming continuously.

As we watch this booming industry and its needs grow, we bid you farewell today, hoping you found inspiration from our list.

However, we must convey to our loyal readers that there is no wrong way to choose a pickleball outfit if it doesn’t hinder your, your partner’s, or your opponents’ game. Your comfort, confidence, and performance are the utmost factors that define your individuality as an athlete. So don’t get too worked up finding the right costume. Wear what you feel good about. That is the right outfit for you.

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