Mobile Builds New Pickleball Courts to Keep Up with the Growth in Players

Mobile City in USA

Pickleball continues to take the nation by storm and Mobile is trying to keep up. I’m not gonna judge. You gotta get out there!

Foxy and reporter Natalie Williamson spoke with the city of Mobile Parks and Rec to find out how they’re staying on pace with the trend Natalie, what do they say?

Well, in Easton Shelby, the city of Mobile says it recognizes pickleball as a sport for everyone and it knows it’s constantly growing. The Parks and Recreation Department tells them they are ready to serve the community with more courts and opportunities to play. Has taken over the nation.

Whether you are five or 95, pickleball serves the whole community. According to local pickleball player, Melazine Phillips, this sport isn’t just a way to stay active, it brings the community together.

They believe pickleball is easy to learn but difficult to master. It has a social aspect, and it is simply enjoyable to play. According to the Association of Pickleball Professionals’ 2023 report, more than 30 million Americans play pickleball. That has grown an average of 200% over the last three years.

To keep up with the trend, the city of Mobile is building more courts to serve the local players, including six new courts at Lavretta Park. Senior director of Parks and Recreation for Mobile, Kim Carmody, says pickleball is a way to bridge a generational gap. Well, we like the inclusive play.

The largest demographic that is growing is 18 to 34, which is interesting because everybody thought it was just for those 50 and over, so this is a sport for everyone.

We’re catching up and we’re gonna blow it out of the water. Carmody tells that the Lavretta Park courts are expected to be complete by mid-August.

With these courts, the city of Mobile will have 20 courts across the county. That includes courts at Hillsdale Park, Crawford Murphy Park, Stotts, and Sills Park.

The city’s goal is to give the growing number of players more locations to dink, spike, and play the fastest-growing sport in America. Live in the studio, Natalie Williamson, five. will have 20 courts across the county.