Protect Your Eyes While Playing Pickleball

Protect Your Eyes When Playing Pickleball

When playing pickleball you need to keep your eyes on the ball. But, eyes must also be protected. A report was published online on December, 14th, 2023, by the journal Eye.

Precautions given that pickleball and other racket sports can expose people to the risk of eye injuries.

In our previous blog, we also discussed the health benefits of pickleball, which you need to read. Well, continuing eye injury from pickleball research.

Researchers cited multiple types of pickleball-related eye damage, such as retinal tears or detachment, corneal abrasions (scratching of the eye surface), hyphema (bleeding in the front chamber of the eye that can lead to glaucoma), and Berlin’s edema (damage to the retina’s outer layers, causing decreased vision for several hours).

The risk of an eye injury is higher with existing eye conditions like dry eye and those who have suffered from eye surgery recently.

The Harvard study warns that pickleball’s fast-paced nature and close play increase the risk of eye injuries. Including corneal abrasions and retinal tears.

Researchers recommend wearing protective, shatterproof eyewear like polycarbonate safety goggles, but even regular sunglasses and glasses can offer some protection.