Pickleball Returns to the National Mall

Pickleball Returns to the National Mall

Free Pickleball is coming to the National Mall in September with pop-up courts. Everyone is invited to play.

Why It’s Necessary

America’s fastest-growing sport meets America’s front yard — a champion shot.

Zoom In

You can play at the National Mall of Pickleball for three days from Sept 27th to 29th on JFK Hockey Fields, Athletic field in Washington, D.C., United States, and it’s free.

Get Direction

The lineup includes clinics with pros, walk-ins, reserved court time, on-site lessons, and a professional D.C. Pickleball Team showcase. Expect additional details this summer.

What’s New

2 new courts for more play. Additionally, the trust for the National Mall and Humana, which hosted the event last year are hosting an “Ultimate Pickleball Duo” tournament. In which pairs of players from different generations can present their stories for an all-expense paid trip to the pop-up.

But 1st, Major League Pickleball comes to D.C. for the 1st time this Weekend with matches at the Washington Tennis & Education Foundation’s campus in Southeast D.C.

It’s MLP’s 2nd event of the year 2024 season and will showcase a collection of the league’s twenty-two teams. Tickets start at $40.